THE WORLD OF ASTRAL (Preserve your uniqueness)

the-world-of-astral-preserve-your-uniquenessGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to give you one more example of how with the help of your harmless at first sight thoughts, emotions and actions you breed the medium level astral beings.

While in my previous message we had a look at a family where one member dedicates all one’s life to the others making oneself depersonalized today we will study another case where the family members put someone on a pedestal sacrificing their lives for the sake of one’s needs and desires.

What happens in this case? What kind of energy is generated by the family members?

Before all, it is undoubtedly the energy of adoration and worship that is not that innocent as it may seem to you.

Here takes place a mass scale “depersonalization” for the sake of someone who starts thinking of oneself being an idol or the centre of the Universe.

It can be anyone at that, one of the parents or children or, which is most often, an only adorable child.

All the rest watch their every bite and hang on every word of the child.

The energy the child generates can be called that of the arrogance and mastership that gradually transforms into the powerful energy of pride the lower astral beings love that much.

My dear ones, everything starts small and the most innocent emotions of yours caused by the best intensions and love to your relatives can turn the tide against you and the people you love.

As soon as all this happens at the subtle level in the physical world you see only the consequences of your actions. Unfortunately, few are capable to get and understand the energy insight of the process.

The examples I gave you represent the extremes of family relations you have.

In practice they are rich in different shades and varieties.

You should always keep in mind that the mentality and behaviour brought up in childhood guide you on in the grown up life and your attitude to your family applies later to your friends, colleagues and all the people you come across.

In other words, the energy you are filled with at home gives way to the world turning into the collective energy of “depersonalization” or worship, sacrifice or consumerism.

This is exactly the way such ugly things like famous people adoration comes to being, that of singers, actors or sportsmen. Fans try to imitate them in everything and go as far as plastic surgery, which makes them depersonalized even in a physical way.

Others follow advice right and left thinking that their friends and colleagues know everything better than they do causing a devastating damage to their individuality and acting in an untypical way.

Still others turn into “a know-it-all” who teaches things to the man in the street just the way they are used to doing in their family.

My dear ones, always remember that ANYONE is a unique being with one’s own inimitable inner world and no one but themselves could know what is right or wrong, good or bad for them.

That is why never impose your opinion on others and never follow others’ advice like sheep.

You keep your Soul pure this manner and in addition to this will not nourish the medium level astral beings who live at the expense of unconscious life style of people who resemble a weathercock turning this or that way depending on where the wind is.

Always keep in mind that you are Gods born to create your own reality following your mission path, not to be manipulated by others dissolving your individuality in the vast ocean of collective conscience of average men living to meet their immediate needs and false standards imposed on them by the ruling top of the planet.

Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken to you.

Channeled by Marta on June 9, 2018

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