THE TRIUNITY OF THE SPIRIT, THE SOUL AND THE BODY (Merging with the divine being)

the-triunity-of-the-spirit-the-soul-and-the-body-merging-with-the-divine-beingGreetings, my dear beloved children!

To finish our talk on the Divine being I would like to give you some more meditations that can help you to establish contact with It and learn how to take the hints It gives you.

Let us call the first meditation ‘The Maternal Soul echo’. It is designed to establish contact with the Maternal Soul by means of the Divine being.

As soon as you learn how to call upon your Divine being into your heart chakra, into your Crystal of Love, which was mentioned in the previous message, the next step will be to get lost in Its energy.

What should you do for this?

Take the image to your liking.

It can be a boundless ocean, deep-deep sky, spheres music or anything else but the main point here is that you should feel this image being full of Everlasting Limitless Unconditional Love.

Now imagine your Crystal of Love growing huge and taking up all your being.

You completely merge with the Divine being and It in Its turn gets lost in the energy of Love you filled your image with. This Love is exactly the energy your Maternal Soul lives in.

It echoes inside you as if responding to the Love you send It.

Feel connected to this great ancient Soul that derived you, try to feel Its maternal warmth and hear Its hints and advice.

You can ask It a question you can’t answer on your own.

It is certain to take up the call and help you.

Its respond can take the form of texts, images or can be perceived by your subtle senses.

It is also likely to come later as hints and prompts or be received while you are sleeping.

Your Divine being will do Its best to make Its answer as clear as possible and to pass it as soon as possible.

There is one more meditation I would like to give you today.

Let’s call it ‘The integrated silhouette’.

During the meditation you should image yourself being a triple silhouette: your physical body is inside of it, then comes your Higher being and your Divine being comes next.

Mind you, each ‘layer’ of your silhouette is less dense than the previous one.

It will make the task easier if you image some colour that losses its brightness as long as you move away from the physical body.

Next, imagine your physical body growing bigger and getting less dense to gradually merge with the silhouette of your Higher being.

Then this silhouette gets bigger the same way to reach the size of your Divine being.

You turn into a huge integrated silhouette.

This way your physical body and your conscience get vibrations of another frequency.

It helps your body to reveal its potential and your conscience to recover previous incarnations’ memories.

This meditation is very efficient so call upon all your Heavenly Guards and take your time to do it.

I send you my deep love and blessings, my dear ones.

Father – Absolute has spoken to you.

Channeled by Martha on July 19, 2018.

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