responsibility-for-humanity-destinyGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to tell you about what is happening now to the energy background of Earth in terms of the recent events.

As I have already told you a lot of times in my messages, the main purpose of the Dragon reptiles is keeping Earth and humanity in general in low vibrations, which is the chief condition of these creatures’ survival.

And now when Earth is entering a new high vibration space, it is becoming their barest necessity.

The military conflict they provoked in Ukraine in this respect is a “life jacket” for them indeed.

Having all the levers of power in their grip, by means of a large scale information war unleashed by them they managed to plunge the whole world into fear, aggression, panic, blame – in a word, made up a “bunch” of all the negative energies that exist on Earth thereby almost reducing to nothing the wonderful energies of Unity, Equality and Brotherhood that shortly before wrapped around all the planet of yours thanks to the brave Canadian truck drivers.

The things now in progress are a glaring example of human conscience manipulation.

As a matter of fact, they have been acting like this all the time but, as a rule, they did it gradually, step by step, in a sly and disguised manner.

Yet now, when globalists have found themselves within a hair’s breadth of death they have no time left for sentimentality or contrivance.

That is why they have to work roughly and in a clumsy way.

They have no repugnance to anything now: neither to impudent distortion of facts, making use of computer graphics, crudely fabricated stage frames, nor to outrageous lie.

Not caring for consequences now they are pushing their way through violating the laws they introduced themselves, defying the principles of the so-called “democracy” – in a word, loathing nothing with the only aim to initiate a powerful human negative energy outburst that would actually become their salvation.

I would like you, my dear, to have a clear idea that the energy component of the events now in progress on Earth is as important as the physical one since they are closely connected with each other.

Human pain and sorrow and especially fear for their life and life of their family is the low energies “volcano” whose “eruption” can be fatal for many pure and light human souls.

Not anyone can withstand such a test and remain an island of Love and Light amidst ruin and grief.

It makes each Soul even more valuable, the one that has managed to keep calm and self-disciplined in the middle of the chaos reigning now and capable of seeing the current events just as they are, not the way the ruling top is trying to represent them to Earth’s population.

It is these people who have a huge responsibility resting on their shoulders since they are to improve the energy background of Earth restoring the condition it featured before the beginning of the military operation in Ukraine.

And I know that a lot of people among those now reading this message are the people like this.

That is why I am addressing you with a request to pacify the “volcano” of human passions “pouring” it all over with the Flame of Unconditional Love as often as possible.

This Divine Energy can work wonders, but it is essential for its action to be reinforced by your sincere intention to dissolve the energies of annoyance and separation to make all people, irrespective of their present location – the military operation zone or the other side of the world, feel their Unity and revive from the dormancy of separation that is being imposed on them from without by the criminals at the helm.

Ask all the Light Forces and your Galaxy brothers and sisters to help you with this work for the good of Earth and all humanity.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 14, 2022.

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