WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Awareness test)

window-on-new-world-awareness-testGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we start a new topic with you, and it concerns those of you who have managed to overcome the inertia of your mentality and break free from the metes and bounds of the third dimension world by your conscience.

Why do I lay emphasis on this particular quality?

The thing is that the events related to the Russian military operation in Ukraine became the last and the most important awareness test for the revived part of your planet’s population.

It is the only way – in practice – to identify the spiritual development level of a person.

Theoretical knowledge that many of you have been receiving for more than a decade now is just preparation for the actual revival.

They provide the first impulse for your conscience recovery: deliverance of it from century-old customs – patterns, stereotypes, traditions, habits…

And since all this has taken deep root in your subconscience and so as to get rid of this load of the past, you had to carry out a lot of work that was done by each of you in consistence with your strength and ability.

I see that the most difficult thing has turned out to be the eradication of the habit to separate all the people into ins and outs.

It concerns both your immediate environment, and countries, nations, continents.

And it is no wonder, my dear, since it is the separation that was the basis for the policy that has been made for millennia by those who seized power on Earth.

The slogan “Divide and rule” has become not only their tactics, but the mentality mode for the overwhelming majority of your planet’s population.

And the things now in progress on Earth are the apogee of such a worldview.

Therefore, I understand perfectly well how hard it is sometimes for you to keep “afloat” and avoid being involved into the whirl of human passions that have now seized almost all the population of Earth.

Some people were directly influenced by this conflict in the most tragic way, while some others in an indirect way, with the conflict only having affected their welfare and stability.

But as a result, the former and the latter generate negative emotions of the lowest vibrations, which deprives them of the opportunity to make Transition that reaches its active phase this year.

It makes me sad to see that many of those who knew about Earth’s Transition to the Fifth dimension and have been selflessly and patiently moving to it for decades have failed this last and most challenging trial.

Having plunged into the information war head over heels, they did not manage to look wisely and impartially at the current events with another eye, of those whose conscience has already broken free from the third dimension world frames.

It especially concerns those who were directly affected by the military operation in Ukraine: who are in the hostilities zone themselves or worry about their close people who find themselves there.

It is so easy to understand from a human point of view, and they are not to blame for it.

But the greatness and meaning of the things that are taking place now on the planet scale are going so far beyond all the earthly wars, conflicts and human arguments that not everyone is to realize it.

Let alone to make one’s final decision: having given up all one’s past – earthly – conceptions of life to make a courageous step into the unknown.

Wonderful, long-awaited, cherished as it may be but the UNKNOWN so far.

It is so typical of man to cling to everything old and familiar, even if they condemn it all, that at the threshold of Ascension, as a result, there turned out to be not many bold spirits ready to make this reckless leap into a new life.

And my next messages are addressed to these bold spirits – the pathfinders of the new Earth of the Fifth dimension.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 15, 2022.

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