The Portal into the new world


the-portal-into-the-new-worldGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I’d like to tell you what’s happening on your planet Earth these days and how it could affect people.

A series of eclipses – first the solar and then the lunar eclipse – created some kind of “Portal” into the world of higher vibrations.

These natural phenomenas which are happening on your planet periodically, this time will be a “launch mechanism” for development of many and many people.

Such a great amount of the higher vibrational energies have passed through July 13 solar eclipse and July 27 lunar eclipse, that it can be compared with real tsunami.

That’s why many energetic “abscesses” have been opened – a series of natural disasters in those places on Earth, where concentration of negative energies, created by human passions, have reached a critical mark.

The energies that have arrived to Earth speeded up the process of purification of Earth, and natural elements, Fire, Earth, Air and Water, have become their “weapons.”

These are all the lawful processes, because nothing can cancel an eternal and immutable Laws of the Universe, such as the Law of Unity, the Law of cause and effect, “As within, so without.”

A “Requital” for misdeeds comes invariably, and now the higher vibrational energies just speeded up this process, in order to awaken human consciousness; to help them to ponder about their own destiny, about the destiny of their country and an entire planet, not from the position of an average man, possessed by material desires, but from the position of the man of the world, a spiritual being thinking in completely different way.

And this is already starting to happen, because only after finding themselves in difficult situations, when dealing with sorrows, people start to unify, to help others, to share what they have.

Unfortunately, that’s how the world of duality operates when happy and affluent life divides you, but sorrows and unhappiness unify you.

It happens for the most part because of the energies of jealousy, anger, aggression felt towards those who live better – happier and wealthier. However, the energy of Love, Gratitude, and Compassion is unipolar energy, carrying Divine principle principle within it.

After getting in trouble, you all become equal, not poor or not rich, not happy or unhappy.

You are all unified by the common trouble energetically and that’s why you start feeling Unity with each person.

This is the first step in realization of your Unity with Creator, with your Galactic family, with the Universe.

And that is the difference between the third and fifth dimensions.

When you are in 5D where only one energy of Love reign, you are united by happiness and joy, but in the world of 3D only sorrows and suffering truly unites you.

That’s why I ask you to regard calmly everything that’s happening and will happen on Earth now and in the near future.

These difficult tests are given for your goodness, because there is no other way to awaken humanity from spiritual “slumber” of many centuries and to lead to the new spiral of development.

Not all of you will be able to understand and accept this “shock therapy” of the Universe, but those who would be able to realize in full measure all the deepness and wisdom of such steps, will be able to ascend together with Earth and to shift to entirely different reality, of which have been told so much in the messages from the Higher Powers.

I believe, dear ones, that all of you will be among them!

Your Father-Absolute who loves you without measure has spoken with you

Channelled by Marta on July 26, 2018

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