WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Number of chakras Fifth dimension humans will have)

window-on-new-world-number-of-chakras-fifth-dimension-humans-will-haveGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to clear up the issue that as I know interests many of you: how many chakras the Fifth dimension humans will have.

While in the third dimension world a person with a fully activated seventh chakra is rare to come across, in the Fifth dimension world it will become a usual thing.

But beside the chakra system that will be developing as long as human vibrations will be increasing a significant part of the high worlds’ inhabitants’ life is played by the pineal gland.

Not being a chakra as such, it is inseparable from the chakra system though.

The thing is that the pineal gland is “fine” tuning in terms of higher dimensions worlds.

It is task is to regulate the connection of the Fifth dimension inhabitants with the representatives of high worlds or, in other words, to smooth over the difference in vibrations of the former and the latter bringing them to an averaged level that facilitates harmonious communication of high vibration worlds’ inhabitants.

But let us come back to the chakra system of the Fifth dimension humans.

What can promote its development?

Before all, it is Soul’s evolution whose main goal is advancement up the vibration ladder.

The Fifth dimension is the first stage of high dimensions that opens for one unlimited opportunities.

But since everybody is unique, someone will feel perfectly comfortable in this new world enjoying all its advantages, while some others will try to progress there, too taking some steps for further spiritual advancement.

And depending on the individual qualities of a person – their passive or active lifestyle – their chakra system will either remain the same or will begin further developing.

Since the world of the Fifth dimension is not homogeneous – there are a lot of vibration levels and sublevels there, its inhabitants get access to enormous opportunities for spiritual growth.

So, someone will stay at the border between the fourth and the Fifth dimensions, while someone else can advance close to the Sixth dimension already.

And, certainly, the chakra system of the former and the latter will differ.

The former can get only the embryo of the eighth chakra, while the latter can get even the ninth one fully activated.

All this happens gradually and the importance of the pineal gland in the activation of chakras is not the minor one.

It is the chief “arbitrator” that assesses whether the next chakra is ready for activation – whether a new level of particular individual’s vibrations is stable now, whether they can communicate with higher dimensions inhabitants with no detriment to themselves.

As for the Fifth dimension inhabitants’ maximum, it is the tenth chakra activated.

But everything should occur little by little and in a natural way.

To activate one’s chakra is only possible for an individual themselves and the Forces of Light will be glad to help them with this.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 29, 2023.

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