window-on-new-world-monarchyGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to start a new topic that is as acute as ever now.

And at issue will be the way you should arrange relationships with the authorities during transition period of Earth and humanity to a new dimension.

Despite the energy stratification that is becoming more and more apparent with every single day, the present-day power will still exist for some time clinging on the old structures it has got used to.

Besides, it concerns absolutely all the countries since everywhere with a rare exception these structures were carbon copies.

Why it happened is already well known to you.

The world government or, in other words, the deep state has spared no “attention” to everyone, as a result of which almost all the states have similar power structures with political, economic, financial, social, cultural and religious components.

It has been going on like this from century to century and one of the vivid evidence of this is monarchy that is preserved up till now in some countries of the world.

And, for a start, let us talk about just this archaism: kings and queens that rule supermodern states and about their colossal privileges in comparison with their subjects.

Who are they and why has their power been so firm and indestructible for centuries?

To begin with, all of them are descendants of extraterrestrial civilizations, which they take deep pride in, though they conceal their true origin from the public.

But unlike pure human souls, whose “ancestors” are the representatives of highly developed extraterrestrial civilizations, they descend from infernal creatures of the lowest order.

Therefore, for millennia everything has been turned upside down: the pure Divine Souls that came to Earth got into subordination to “savages” who took over your planet.

Why did it happen?

The main reason is that the creatures who royal families descended from were not humans.

They were real predators deprived of sympathy or moral principles whatsoever.

In a lot of my messages it has already been said about the way little by little – by means of cunning, flattery and violence – they were plunging people into the third dimension world that was untypical of them.

In the course of time they managed to control not only people’s conscience but also their physical bodies having created their own race of reptiloids.

But the Dragon reptiles themselves have always remained at supreme power and piously kept the purity of their lineage.

The best example of this is likely to be the British royal dynasty that has managed to subdue almost half of the world exactly due to their pureblooded descent.

But this “purity” cost people thousands of pure human souls that were ruined by them during their satanic rituals of sacrificial offerings that were demanded by their secret patron – an infernal creature of lower worlds – Archon who you are accustomed to call Devil or Satan.

It is him who is at the vertex of power pyramid that is embodied on Earth as royal families that are, generally speaking, his obedient slaves.

This secret is kept by them under seven seals and only now, at the joint of two worlds, this truth is coming to the surface and there appear numerous proofs of their crimes against humanity.

A nice fairy-tale about kings and queens is about to end and it is very soon now when people will see who they actually are and what their purpose of stay on Earth is.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 7, 2023.

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  1. Reinhard Kipp says:

    Ich bedanke mich für all die reinen Informationen und guten Ratschläge. Freiheit ist wahr wenn sie frei ist. Ich bin seit meiner Kindheit ein Rebell. Trotzdem diene ich meiner Welt, sehe mich in der Mitte, als ausgleichende harmonierende Energie.


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