transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-joy-of-lifeGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about how you can use your intuition choosing physical exercises.

Of course, my dear, you should keep your body fit not only with the help of energy practices but physical exercises as well.

Yet, you should do this really cautiously and carefully monitor the reaction of your body to each new exercise.

At this point the assistance of your subtle sense organs cannot be overestimated.

But before speaking about this in detail I would like to give you several tips.

First. Never rise to the fly of advertising that propagandizes new trendy kinds of gymnastics or oriental practices of all kinds.

Remember that each person requires individual approach, while everything being supplied “in bulk”, as a rule, is aimed at one and only thing – to make money on people’s desire to be healthy.

Second. Always know where to stop in anything.

It is impossible in short time to improve the things that have been accumulated for years.

The body of a human abhors violence and will definitely respond with pain symptoms in this or that its part.

And third. Do not follow “friendly” advice or believe other people’s stories about miracle effects of these or those exercises.

The thing that heals one man can make another one cripple.

So, as you have probably understood, the best adviser in this sphere of your life too can only be your own Soul.

It is the most reliable “tool” to recognize everything that is beneficial just for you.

And it communicates its advice to you through intuition – your Third eye.

The best kind of physical exercise for anyone is sure to be walks in the open but it is essential to find your own variant here as well – the one accepted by your body with gratitude.

Violence to the body– overstrain, overcooling or, in the contrary, overheating – is not permissible.

Everything should always be pleasant.

This should be the main principle of any physical exercise of yours – be it walks, work in the garden or tidying up.

As soon as you feel you are doing something UNWILLINGLY, stop yourself and despite any common sense have a rest, relax, do something else – enjoyable and not tiring.

Very often a person exhausts themselves and tortures their body because they want to do something up till the end at that very moment – by any means…

They find a lot of “sound” arguments in favour of this, but the price of such haste, especially if it grows into a habit, can be really high.

When one gets overstrained, one’s psychic and body get stressed on, which is a delayed-action bomb and can later on lead to physical and psychic deviations.

One gets more and more nervous and irritable taking no notice of it, which in its turn results in various diseases that do not bring joy to one’s life.

And all this happens only because they failed to stop in good time and let their body rest paying this way love, respect and gratitude to it.

Therefore, my dear ones, always lend an attentive ear to your inner feelings and no matter how much you get involved into work or walk, give yourself a respite each time you feel it is necessary.

Well, in this case your intuition will work out quickly and faultlessly since this is your own body and it is an integral part of it.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 18, 2019.

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