TRANSITION TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION (Interaction of all collective consciences of Earth)

transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-interaction-of-all-collective-consciences-of-earthGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to tell you how all Earth inhabitants collective consciences interact with each other.

Before this we considered interaction of each of them with collective human conscience.

As a matter of fact, all of them are closely connected with each other.

Of course, first of all, there occurs interaction with collective reptiloid conscience that not just enveloped all Earth but also makes enormous influence on collective conscience of both humans and other civilizations representatives incarnated in human bodies, as well as those of animals.

Why did it happen?

The reason for that is, before all, in the fact that for many and many centuries reptiloids have been adjusting all the planet’s inhabitants to their vibrations.

Thus, for example, having imposed the habit to eat meat on people, which was untypical of man, they changed collective conscience not only of people but also those of many animal species making them feel fear and aggression towards humans decreasing their vibrations by this till their own level.

The same thing they tried to do with dolphins and whales who people started to consume as food in many countries. Yet, this highly developed civilization has managed to maintain their vibrations at the appropriate level – not lower than that of the fourth dimension.

Step by step reptiloid exploitative attitude to natural resources of Earth has affected collective plant and natural elements consciences, too, and following the Laws of the Universe they began to return man everything they received from them unintentionally decreasing their own vibrations by this.

Therefore, evil breeds evil decreasing vibrations of all Earth inhabitants collective conscience, those of animals, plants and natural elements.

One and only Element that has remained unchangeable is that of Love whose vibrations are not subject to any influence from without.

It is this the highest vibration energy in the Universe that has been keeping Earth afloat preventing the faint Divine spark in any human and any creature from extinguishing.

It is this energy that helped people survive in sometimes unbearable conditions, sustained their faith in the Higher Powers that are always there for them at the subtle level preventing collective human conscience from falling down till the point of no return to their Divine origin.

Thus, the energy of Love penetrating all the space of Earth was trying to “get through” to anyone able to let it in and whose vibrations allowed doing this.

And grounding it by letting it pass through themselves humans, other civilizations representatives embodied as humans, animals and even plants filled their collective consciences with this Divine high vibration energy thereby maintaining the energy balance of all species collective consciences in favour of Light.

But right now, my dear, there has come a crucial moment on Earth when Dark forces are trying to meddle in Divine providence – the free will of man.

They influence human conscience so as to deprive them of their vote, right to choose to live the way they want, the way their Soul asks, not the way required by the high and mighty who gripped power on Earth.

These “masters” of the world are perfectly aware of what collective conscience is since they themselves live according to strict rules prescribed by their own collective conscience.

So, they do their best to put into submission all collective consciences of other inhabitants of Earth thereby cutting them off the Divine source.

You are now the only hope, my beloved, the ones who have incarnated on Earth with the mission of rescue humanity from enslavement and to help your planet move to a new dimension with the least losses and in the way as harmonious as possible.

Increasing your own vibrations and grounding the new high vibration energies that are now arriving on Earth, you can facilitate collective human conscience promotion to the level reptiloids will be unable to reach, for their energy structure is curtailed to as few as three well-expressed lower chakras.

I bless you for that and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 5, 2020.

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