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"Real spirituality lies in completely dissolving oneself in Unconditional Love for everyone and for everything in the world. It is a complete absence of judgment, criticism, and control of other people. It is a complete inner freedom from stereotypes and cliches of behavior and lifestyle, imposed on people. It is such state of the soul when the soul wants to sing all the time, and when not a single negative thought or emotion could even come close to such a person, because they are encircled by the impenetrable veil of Love.""

God - Father


LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Reptiloid collective conscience energy grid dissolution)

Greetings, my dear beloved children! Now, when you know the underlying reason of the events taking place on Earth we will move on to the next stage of work with them. But as you understand, so as to make physical reality change it is necessary to work at the subtle level first – in terms of energy. And this time your work will be pointwise since now you can clearly and distinctly imagine the whole power structure of your society and see all the participants of the current events. On the one...


LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Your Spirit’s strength makes them helpless)

Greetings, my dear beloved children! I would like to summarize the talk about the pyramid of power existing at both the subtle and physical level of Earth. As you have probably guessed, it is not by chance that one of the illuminati’s symbols is the overturned pyramid. This symbol is to show the identity of power hierarchy above and below – its mirror reflection. I told you about the pyramid’s inhabitants at all the levels in details only because the time has come to reveal this knowledge...


LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Middle caste reptiloids)

Greetings, my dear beloved children! Today we will move on to the last – the lowest step of the power pyramid on Earth and will speak about middle caste reptiloids. They are the ones who are direct executors of the “common superiors’ ” will that the Dragons, the Dragon reptiles and high caste reptiloids are. This way, the instructions from above run down the chain, and everybody at their level tackles the problems assigned. Let us consider the way this mechanism works using the example...



Greetings, dear light souls! It is you who I address today since I see the results of your work. Well, Dark on your planet has become as dense as ever, which is always the case just before the dawn. At present I am busy as ever since I am to fulfill my mission on Earth up to the end. It is both good and bad for you at the same time. It is bad because the Dark Forces representatives embodied as humans feeling their upcoming collapse have become exasperated as never before. And it is good because...


LIFE ON NEW EARTH (High caste reptiloids)

Greetings, my dear beloved children! Today we move on to the discussion of high caste reptiloids who are at the last but one step of the dark hierarchy power ladder and whose representatives are direct executors of those at the top of this pyramid’s will. Well, what is the high reptiloid caste? Many of these creatures are in public eye this time. These are royal families’ representatives, some presidents, largest global companies’ heads, financial magnates, TV channels’ owners and...


LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Dragon reptiles)

Greetings, my dear beloved children! Today we move on to the subject of the Dragon reptiles that are a step down in the Dark Forces hierarchy. They are gene-modified creatures who are a symbiosis of two souls: an original – natural – dragon and a reptile one that was artificially created this time. This is absolutely unique energy structure that was developed for the purpose of exercising permanent control over those who are traditionally called “high and mighty” and who have...


LIFE ON NEW EARTH (The Dragon race)

Greetings, my dear beloved children! So, we move on to the next level of the Dark Forces hierarchy controlling your planet. The step down it is occupied by the Dragon race. And today I will tell you about it in detail. This is one of the most ancient races in the Universe that gradually changed both towards Light and towards Dark. Thus, there appeared a lot of its subtypes, and each of them has followed their way. Why did it happen? Before all, because they started to actively interact with...



Greetings, my dear beloved children! Well, let us go on talking about the structure of power pyramid settled on Earth. It has already been said enough about Archon therefore we will move on right to the next step down the Dark Forces pyramid that is occupied by an army of Demons – true and trusted servants of Archon. Why has he fragmented himself into separate energy units? The only reason is to collect his “tribute” as negative energies in a more efficient and fruitful way. Since there...



Greetings, our dear ones! Hyperborean Priests are speaking to you on behalf of all Agartha representatives. You probably feel that you are at the very threshold of Ascension. That is why all of us: other planets’ inhabitants and civilizations of the parallel worlds on Earth – are trying to give you support both moral and in terms of energy. Right now it is essential to join our efforts so as to help you eventually throw off the yoke of the Dragon reptiles who seized this beautiful...



Greetings, our dear brothers and sisters! My name is Tche, and I am the High Priest of the underwater civilization of Aquator. It can be said that we are your closest neighbours since we also live on Earth. Our habitat is seas and oceans. And although we exist in the space parallel to yours, under certain circumstances we can contact people physically. It allows us to help people in danger just as dolphins do – our beloved water brothers. Unlike them, we are invisible to you though sometimes...



Greetings, our dear earthlings! The Council of Elders is speaking to you. Following our galaxy brothers we will tell you about our mission on Earth that has already reached its final stage. You can often see our spaceships in the sky and not only at night but during the day, too. As a rule, we mask as dense oval flattened clouds of a too ideal form so as to look natural. So, what is the purpose of our presence on Earth? First of all, it is control of radiation and electromagnetic...



Greetings, our dear earthlings! The Council of Elders of the Andromeda constellation is speaking to you. As well as our galaxy siblings from the Pleiades constellation and Arcturus, we would like to share our vision of the current events on Earth and tell you about the role we play in them. Perhaps you already know that there are quite many of our brothers embodied as humans now. Since we have always been watching your planet, we saw the time line that enabled you to move to a higher dimension...



Greetings, dear earthlings! The Council of Elders of the Pleiades constellation is speaking to you. Today we have come to tell you about our role in the current processes taking place on Earth now. As you already know all the human-friendly civilizations have recently stirred up their activities so as to turn the tide on Earth in favour of Light. And although our participation in matters of earthlings have more an energy character, it is still quite significant. What is our work? First of all,...



Greetings, our dear earthlings! The Council of the Elders of Arcturus is speaking to you. We would like to communicate a message from our civilization to you. The things now happening on Earth resemble a lot the processes once experienced by us, too, that is why we are watching you with interest and sympathy. Yet, unlike Earth, there were no other creatures embodied as Arcturians on our planet, which considerably promoted our Transition to higher dimensions. We see what confusion and mess now...


LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Pyramid of power)

Greetings, my dear beloved children! Well, we move on to the talk on how disembodied low vibration creatures can influence people’s destinies by means of the countries’ heads the former live in. As a matter of fact, carefully designed mechanism of influence on people who came to power is simple to the utmost. It is based on the time-tested principle of “Divide and rule”, as well as self-importance exaggeration and the feeling of belonging to “the chosen”. And the dual world you live...

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