LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Fire Element and man on Fifth dimension Earth)

life-on-new-earth-fire-element-and-man-on-fifth-dimension-earthGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk in some details about the Element of Fire and about the way it will show on the new Earth of the Fifth dimension.

And this time we will consider it from the point of view of its presence in man.

To get a better understanding of how closely you are connected with it, you can remember such expressions as “fire of your Soul”, “burning heart”, “passionate fire”, “brain is boiling”…

All of them are based on the Element of Fire that along with the Elements of Water and Air is an integral part of human life.

Thus, heat – mild, tender and pleasant – gives people joy and comfortable existence.

This is exactly the state one is in when they are calm inside and completely healthy physically.

Well, what happens when one is possessed by passions and overwhelmed with low energies destroying one’s soul and body?

One’s mind and body start getting inflamed and hot.

One starts seeing RED.

As a result, there gets upset the balance between man and the Element of Fire that lives inside the body.

Their relationships become disharmonious since the degree of passion heat increases and it “burns” one down from inside.

One goes hot, one’s face gets covered with red spots as if with “tongues of flame”, one’s conscience is stirred up to such an extent that one is unaware of one’s actions.

But there can be another reaction to unfavourable events in life.

One’s “blood runs cold”, one gets “cold feet” and “frozen brain”.

This is also a manifestation of the unbalanced fire element in the human body – of its response to the shock.

Both in the former and in the latter case the consequences can be really regrettable since any stress, this way or another, affects the physical and psychic condition of a person up till different diseases and body’s malfunctions.

Moreover, the “ignition” in souls of thousands and sometimes millions of people in the third dimension world often reflects on the environment as fires, explosions, volcano eruptions because man’s interaction with Earth is one energy mechanism directly connected with the Element of Fire.

Now imagine the unipolar world of the Fifth dimension where low vibration energies will simply not be able to exist.

In this high vibration space Earth and her inhabitants finding themselves in harmony with each other and all the natural elements will be in a comfortable condition.

The climate on your planet will be mild and warm, while the temperature of the human body will be just the one ideal for a person at this precise moment.

While the “fiery” feature of their nature will show only during the minutes of inspiration – that is, excitement aroused not by negative energies but emotional rise required for complete revelation of their creative potential.

This will be the very sweet exhilaration one finds oneself in at the moments of joy and happiness.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 18, 2020.

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