WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Universe scale experience)

window-on-new-world-universe-scale-experienceGreetings, my dear beloved children!

My today’s message will be a little unusual to you since we will be discussing not some certain issue but will look into the current events on Earth from a global – universe perspective.

As you already know, the climax of the confrontation between the Forces of Good and Evil on your planet has already reached its peak.

And it shows at each corner of the Universe.

This is the way Unity becomes evident – the energy that is the “cementing material” for every living being on each of the planets that your Universe’s Galaxies include.

Besides, it applies not only to the Unity of homogeneous energies but polar ones, too – what is usually called the Unity of opposites.

And since there is an endless number and a wide range of various civilizations from low to higher dimensions, each of them gains their own grain of experience as a result of the crucial events that take place on Earth: positive in terms of someone and negative one in terms of someone else.

I have already told you more than once that the experience of a whole planet moving to a higher dimension, with her inhabitants in their physical bodies at that, is a unique one.

And on the basis of this experience there is set a new programme of switching over different planets and civilizations to the next stage of evolution not through physical death of their inhabitants this time but by means of their physical bodies transformation through vibration increase.

The things now in progress on Earth in terms of the Universe, with the absence of linear time featuring there, are an instant shift of the planet and humanity to a new energy space.

This is exactly the reason why the experience of such Transition is so valuable and unusual.

So now, all the stages of this Transition are being carefully analyzed, all the advantages and disadvantages of such a swift development are being studied, some lessons are learnt and necessary conclusions are drawn.

The main work is done in the Galaxy Light Federation that is “patronizing” Earth but a more profound study of this process on a wider scale is carried out by the Intergalactic Confederation that unites the Elders of the largest and most advanced civilizations of the Galaxies that make up your Universe.

And such multistage character is not accidental.

While the representatives of the Galaxy Light Federation not only track the process of Transition itself but also to some extent participate in it directly, the Intergalactic Confederation is some kind of a Supervisory Council that has a status of noninterference into the business of earthlings.

Yet, nevertheless, it is there that all the experience of Earth’s Ascension is summarized, the amount of assistance that should or, on the contrary, should not be provided in respect of the inhabitants of Earth is agreed on: what will do them good and what will do them harm.

Just as while upbringing a child excessive guardianship can be fraught with harm, so in respect of Earth’s inhabitants unasked excessive assistance can retard humanity revival and deprive people of the opportunity to enjoy their own Victory over the Forces of Evil.

You already know that the distinction here is really fine.

The representatives of the Galaxy Light Federation are always balancing between the two extremes: on the one hand, not to let humanity die and, on the other hand, not to violate their free will in choosing their own further destiny.

And all this invaluable experience, no doubt, will go to the treasury of the overall collective conscience of not only your Galaxy but of the whole Universe as well.

This is what Unity in its all-embracing sense is as not only highly developed civilizations learn some lessons from the events now in progress on Earth but also low vibrations ones, with the Dragon reptiles and Orions being among them as well as many others whose representatives have embodied on your planets as humans for millennia.

I would like you to realize all the greatness of the events now in progress on your planet and your participation in them.

Do know that there is not a single unnecessary participant in this process.

Each of you contributes your share – positive or negative being integral particle of the huge One Universe “canvas”.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 21, 2023.

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