WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Energy borders)

window-on-new-world-energy-bordersGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to talk to you about the way you can learn to delete the energy borders both between the people around you and between states.

But first, it is necessary to understand what energy borders are.

As for people, they are their aura contours or, in other words, their personal energy space.

They are the very “cocoon” that one’s physical body and all subtle ones are embraced with.

In case of some people it is very dense, while in that of others it can be quite rarefied.

Everything depends on one’s vibration level: the lower it is, the denser one’s aura but as long as one’s vibrations are increasing one’s aura starts getting rarefied more and more thereby making one’s personal energy space larger.

In personal communication people’s auras not only get into contact but also often interpenetrate.

And the way it occurs determines how relationships between people are developed.

Well, what happens when, for example, two people meet, with their vibrations varying greatly?

One of them has a harmonious rarefied pure aura, while the other one has it dense, unharmonious and contaminated with astral beings.

If they are next to each other, then the latter person’s astral beings feeling ill at ease in the pure energies of the former one start doing their best to decrease their vibrations.

Sometimes a person does not understand themselves why they begin behaving in an aggressive and provocative way towards their interlocutor who did them nothing wrong.

They do it unconsciously being under the influence of lower astral beings that affect their conscience in an attempt to control them.

If the former person yields to such provocations, their energy borders turn diffused making breaches in their aura, the ones that their interlocutor’s negative energies and sometimes the astral beings who provoke them get through inside of it.

And in case of hot arguments that arise and sometimes grow into a conflict, energy borders between these people can get ultimately obliterated: they now find themselves in a shared energy space that is filled with negative energies.

The subtle bodies of both of them turn into a sieve, and through its “holes” low vibration energies circulate easily.

While if a person of high vibration level can withstand their interlocutor’s attacks, sending them the energy of Love in return to their aggression, they will be able to preserve the borders of their energy space inviolable.

It will repulse the energies alien to it preventing them from penetrating inside.

But the energy of Love emitted by them, on the contrary, can easily get into a dense aura of the other person since there are no boundaries for it thanks to its by far the highest vibrations.

As a result of such “irradiation” with Love, the energy space of their interlocutor will start cleansing getting rid of the low astral beings.

In this case the energy borders between these people can get obliterated too.

But the result will be quite different: their common energy space becomes balanced having reached if not one level of vibrations but, at least, that of the minimal gap between them.

And then these people’s communication will take place in a friendly and benevolent environment.

Such mechanism of energy interaction applies not only to certain people but whole countries as well.

Yet, in this case they will interact at the level of their egregors and collective conscience.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 12, 2023.

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