transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-code-of-world-creationGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we move on to a more detailed talk on the next energy of the vibration scale that is called the Universe Energy of Supreme Creator.

As it was said in my recent message, this energy is directly related to your pineal gland.

So, for mindful use in a full extent it is available only to few so far – only those with this Divine subtle sense organ completely activated.

How does the Universe Energy of Supreme Creator interact with you and what influence does it make on you?

To start with, you should invoke this energy only when you feel strength to do work of a planetary scale indeed.

In other words, when you solve global tasks and do meditations on your own conscience or collective human conscience transformation.

This energy is directly connected to the Prime Cause of life conception and conveys the initial code of world creation – the very Divine particle that is preserved in any person no matter what worlds they make their way of incarnations in.

This energy encourages the revival of your pineal gland that has been dormant up till now, which helps your Soul reestablish energy contact with all its higher aspects – up till Creator.

And since the pineal gland is inseparable from the third eye that processes the information received by the former from the subtle level, the Universe Energy of Supreme Creator automatically makes a single flow with the Energy of Supreme Creator that encourages your sixth chakra activation.

This way, it increases that energy’s vibrations and the latter one in its turn runs vibration increase to the Energy of Creator and the Energy of Love and Light that relate to the fifth and the fourth chakras correspondingly.

Thus, by mutual efforts, just like in your fairy-tale “Turnip” these Divine energies pull a person out of dense energies of the third dimension world into the rarefied to the utmost energy space of the Fifth dimension.

Yet, it happens only if a person has also been striving for that themselves – not only by their pure intension to make Ascension with Earth but by unceasing work with new energies helping them pure their conscience and physical body from all the deposits of the third dimension world.


And only for those who receive them with gratitude and use them in a mindful manner in their everyday life, this help can turn out really efficient.

While those absolutely not ready for Transition will be kept clear by these energies since they will not be able to be attracted to them in terms of vibrations.

Yet, I ask you, my dear, one more time not to hurry but to get to know these new energies step by step – making no haste while ascending the energy stairs, with the first stage to Ascension being the Energy of Love and Light.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 13, 2020.

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