REPTILOIDS AND CLONES (How to behave to clones not violating the Laws of the Universe)

reptiloids-and-clones-how-to-behave-to-clones-not-violating-the-laws-of-the-universeGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about how you should react to someone you identified as a clone and how to behave to them.

Certainly, by no means should you tell them they are clones.

Firstly, they will never believe you as they are absolutely sure they are humans.

Secondly, at best you will be accused of outrage on personality, at worst you will be considered insane.

Neither of the options will do you or the “human”- clone any good.

So, my dear ones, you should drive this knowledge into the background thoroughly thinking over the tactics of your communication with these creatures.

You should do your best to cut this communication as fine as possible with no offences made.

This way not violating the Laws of the Universe and accepting any living thing on Earth as having a right for existence you will protect yourself from the hostile intrusion into your energy space.

And now I will give you some advice on how to get rid of undesired communication with the least expenses.

Make the most of every opportunity to avoid meeting them with the help of any excuse or pretext.

The thing is that, unlike humans and reptiloids having a chakra system, clones are incapable of remote energy interaction.

They can “consume” your energy only being next to you physically.

If you can’t avoid meeting a clone create the most powerful energy protection for yourself.

You will see how puzzled they become being unable to get an energy “infeed” from you.

They will not understand the reason for this but by intuition will start looking for another nourishment source.

And the last thing.

Don’t try to explain anything to a clone – to put them on the right track, encourage their spiritual growth or teach them to live according to the Laws of the Universe.

Unfortunately, they are incapable of understanding this as they were created by reptiloids for totally different purposes.

Exceptions are clones of light pure spiritually advanced souls created to prevent them from developing and leading the way for others.

Many of them remember their “original” very well and search for spiritual knowledge out of habit.

But now the knowledge is also “robotized” and reduced to a certain pattern: they repeat the things learnt automatically using proper good spiritual words that, unfortunately, convey no energy.

And I think many of those reading the message have come this across surfing the Internet.

I know, my dear ones, all this is not easy to understand and accept but it is high time for you to know the state of things on Earth in the raw.

And just like rope walkers you should learn to keep the balance in any situation not to fall down to the 3D “abyss” at the supreme moment and safe and sound reach the long-awaited destination – the new Earth of the Fifth dimension.

Loving you endlessly Father – Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on January 26, 2019

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