LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Divine expediency)

life-on-new-earth-divine-expediencyGreetings, my dear beloved children!

To go on with my previous message’s issue, I would like to speak about children’s perception of life again in spite of the fact that you still remain in the third dimension world.

I know that many of you can say that in this case you will seem a “black swan” or that it is dangerous to be too open and trusting in this world.

And I will answer that it is really great skill to live completely trusting the world despite the things happening around.

Yet, if the principle of Divine expediency is the underlying one then everything becomes clear.

What does it mean?

First of all, it means that everything occurs according to the Creator’s plan.

Any event of your own life, as well as that of a country’s or the planet’s in general is predestinated, while you are one of the actors of this Divine play.

Besides, you chose this part yourself. To be more exact, your Soul did that having planned everything beforehand.

And even if you deviate from the initial scenario, not to a great degree though, since one sticks to the main plot of the destiny.

Therefore, you had better view everything that happens to you this way, being excited and curious while watching your “partners” in this thrilling performance.

You should learn to fine perception of all the nuances and shades of their “acting” “reading between the lines” of their life scenarios and trying to get insights into their souls and understand what they are inspired by in this or that situation.

Meanwhile, you should still remain friendly onlookers, not strict judges charging them with lack of understanding or justice towards you.

You should learn to unravel the tangled interconnections between people not tactlessly “cutting down the threads” but separating them from each other with care and diligence so as not to hurt any of them.

It is a challenge indeed and you will be able to succeed in this only when you gain true Unconditional Love to every living being on your planet.

You can ask me: “Well, how should we treat villains then if we are well aware of their crafty plans?”.

With interest and curiosity, too trying to understand the limit of meanness a living being embodied as human can reach.

Under no circumstances should you fall their victim doing your best to secure yourself from their influence.

At the same time you should not generate the feeling of hatred, aggression or superiority over them.

Any play with no bad characters would be dull and boring.

It is them who give zest to it setting off the nobleness of the good characters even more. Isn’t it true, my dear?

So, be the noble characters like this.

Master the skill of living in two worlds simultaneously.

Descend to the third dimension world and watch it from the height of your Divine conscience now – without hatred or censure but like viewers in the cinema.

And the quicker you gain this new vision of the world, the more impenetrable the veil separating you from it will become and the less you will interact with its negative side since this old dual world would not be able to be pulled to you in terms of vibrations.

And, consequently, no one will be able to hurt the “child” living inside of you – light, pure and trusting.

Here we will stop for today.

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 21, 2020.

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  1. I have chosen to join the Divine Principles society
    Of commander ASHTAR Sheran
    I am a Galactic Being.


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