ASCENSION IN ACTION (The law of cause and effect)

ascension-in-action-the-law-of-cause-and-effectGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we’ll discuss another Law of the Universe, which you can apply in your everyday life.

We will speak about the Law of cause and effect, and we can reframe it as the external always reflects the internal.

Perhaps, the action of this law is easier for you to observe, because its results appear outwardly quite quickly.

You may observe it at every step.

For example, you do not like a certain person, and immediately you may hear some rude words expressed towards you or simply feel the negative energy radiating from him.

Now it works almost immediately, because thanks to the higher vibrations coming to Earth, its time parameters have changed, and all human energies directed outside immediately return to them in the same quality and sometimes even in a stronger form.

It is not without its positive side, because such a connection between the cause and effect, expressed in a shortened time period, allows you to learn your lessons as an extern, correcting your actions, thoughts, and emotions.

Surely, many of you have noticed that.

But now, dear ones, you need to learn how to apply this Law on the greater scale.

And now I’ll explain what it means.

As it has been said in my previous message, when we create an atmosphere of Love for a small or large groups of people, it will be a guarantee that their unified energy field will lead them to a completely different level of being.

And then their common goal will be reached with less efforts and in a shorter time period.

But if in addition you always adhere to another Law of the Universe, the Law of cause and effect, then all your difficulties and problems will be resolved immediately as if by magic.

Let’s demonstrate it with a concrete example.

Suppose, you are developing some kind of project that requires time and considerable efforts for a whole team of people for its fulfillment.

And if the goal or a “reason” for development of that project is the creation of better life conditions, then it will be directed for the common good of the people. And if all the participants are aware of that and work with complete dedication, feeling happiness and joy, realizing that their project will bring benefits for the people, then the “effect” of such attitudes will be a successful realization of the project in a short period of time.

That’s how the Law of cause and effect appears on physical plane, when it is strengthened by your work efforts being filled with Divine energy of Love.

And visa versa, when your project is directed towards gratification of personal needs of a small group of people, who are trying to reap benefits at the expense of other people, causing theirs sorrows and troubles; then its energy component will carry the energy of the lowest vibrations and they will meet obstacles at every step of the way in the form of similar energies, radiated by the people who will create these obstacles.

It is especially visible now when the energies of the higher vibrations push out the old energies of duality, which involuntary “squeeze,” becoming more concentrated.

Remember that, dear ones, and observe how it happens in real life to be able to show it to others, who are at the beginning of their spiritual path.

We will stop here today.

Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken to you

Channelled by Marta on May 2, 2018

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