WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Exception to the rule)

window-on-new-world-exception-to-the-ruleGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to draw a conclusion to our talk on the influence of the third dimension matrix produced on humans.

It can be compared with a trap for human souls where they find themselves from the very moment they are born in the third dimension world.

And this trap is arranged so skillfully that the majority of people are born, live and die not even suspecting of the fact they are inside of it.

You already know how and why it happens that is why today I would like to talk not about majority – those who live in compliance with standards and patterns established in the dual world but about exception to the rule – the people who have managed to break free from it.

As a matter of fact, they have always been around – in any times and, as a rule, produced indelible recollections.

Among such people there can be singled out two groups.

One group is those who did not wish to live in accordance with the well-set rules and laws due to the feeling of contradiction or injustice.

Their freedom-loving nature did not fit into the narrow bounds of the third dimension matrix, with each step of a person being controlled by secular or religious institutions.

Among them there were a lot of young souls that did not have enough time to gain the karma of obedience from previous incarnations.

But the freedom of this category of people was expressed in indomitable rebelliousness that sometimes bordered on crimes since the spiritual aspect of life had been unknown to them before.

It is these people who arranged revolutions and mutinies multiplying others’ sufferings because any violent confrontation inevitably results in bloodshed.

As a result, they got plunged into the dual world with all its attributes still deeper and fell easy prey to the third dimension matrix.

The other group is pure light mature souls that incarnated on Earth a lot of times and, that’s why, they were opposing the constituted power system in quite a mindful way.

Unlike the former group their “rebelliousness” was based not on the desire to obtain justice by means of violence but on the strife for changing the world by introducing Love and Light into it.

This is the very non-resistance to evil by force that was preached by one of the most famous representatives of this kind on Earth.

And such an approach was actually capable of ruining the third dimension matrix from inside.

But at that time the conscience of the most of population of Earth was not ready for this, and one regime taking over another followed the same patterns of the third dimension matrix.

This goes on up till now too since at the helm of the authorities of the overwhelming majority of your planet’s countries there are the deep state’s representatives who prevent the third dimension matrix from destroying, the one by means of which they manipulate people.

Yet, the transformation of the third dimension world has already begun.

And it occurs thanks to your unceasing energy work and being aware of this out-of-day structure being out of place in the new high vibration world of the fourth and later the Fifth dimension.

The very inner unacceptance and rejection of yours in respect of the existing reality is enough to destroy age-old foundations of the third dimension world depriving it of the energy feed.

And the more people like these on Earth, the sooner this dual world that has had its days collapses.

Meanwhile, it is essential that in your intention to ruin it you are guided not by the usual attributes of this world – negative thoughts and emotions but profound realization of the fact that it is inappropriate and impossible in the high vibration space of the new Earth.

It is high time to destroy the third dimension matrix with the Divine energy of Love and Light that is much more powerful than the energy of aggression and violence typical of low vibration worlds.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 27, 2023.

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