trusting-tomorrowGreetings, my dear beloved children!

My today’s message is addressed to those of you who think that changes on Earth occur too slowly and who are impatient to urge the process of Transition.

To begin with, let us see how the subtle level processes of Earth correspond to their manifestation at the physical level.

As it has already been repeatedly said in my messages, the Forces of Light have beaten hollow the Forces of Dark.

And while at the subtle level this process has almost been completed, at the physical one it is still at the stage of completion.

What does it mean?

First of all, it means that the Forces of Dark operating on Earth are not getting energy support from the subtle level any more.

But under inertia they go on running the programmes instilled in them.

Moreover, they sometimes even do this in an accelerated regime.

Why does it happen?

Having been deprived of their main energy support and step-by-step guidance, they are taking up “amateur performing” that show itself in actions and instructions for population that have been brought to the point of absurdity.

Whatever ominous the situation may seem to you, it is actually getting those who created it into trouble.

It is due to these chaotic rash illogic actions that even the most law-abiding citizens start realizing the true substance of the things and searching for alternative to official sources of information.

This is how the general reviving of your planet is taking place.

It is largely promoted by the Forces of Light as well who are carrying out pointwise work at each person whose conscience is ready to get rid of the third dimension world programmes and move on to new spaces of existence.

I think many of you have noticed that gradually the conscience of the people around you is changing.

Yet, it is essential it is changing in a global way: not out of practical considerations of individual character, that is, out of desire to get back the good old life, but out of understanding the necessity to ultimately break the well-established system of human enslavement on Earth.

And there are all the necessary prerequisites for that.

Many great souls embodied on Earth nowadays who assumed the mission of humanity rescue have passed on to an active phase of their Service.

Quite soon all the backstage crimes being committed on Earth will be disclosed to people, with the names of those in charge of them announced.

For the profane it will come as a shock since among them they will find a lot of names of their idols and respected social figures.

This way there will take place the “welding” of the subtle and the dense worlds: apparent manifestation of what occurred behind the veil separating these worlds from each other.

And it is the only way – by means of “shock therapy” – that Transition of Earth on to another level of her existence is possible.

It is the general insight that will become the most powerful impulse to help your planet eventually “merge” from the low vibration space of the third dimension.

Both Earth and humanity will at last throw off the hateful burden of the past that was dragging them down to a complete spiritual lapse.

While those who created this situation on Earth, will be duly prosecuted.

Though they themselves acted in a concealed and insidious way, their trial will be transparent and open to all the population of Earth.

The veil of secrecy will be thrown off those who have been at the helm of your planet for a long time and numerous witnesses’ evidence will highlight all the outrages of the world top, all their inhuman deeds.

And it will happen very soon, my dear.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on December 4, 2020.

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