main-exam-of-your-lifeGreetings, my dear beloved children!

I have not talked to you for a long time, but I have always been close by!

And now when you are at the very threshold of the earthshaking events on your planet, I would like to support you with my Love and envelope you with the veil of my Tenderness and share with you the Joy of the upcoming supreme changes in your life.

The Dark that is getting thick right before your eyes will soon get into thin air, my dear, and all the events will seem a nightmare to you that is eventually over.

But you had to overcome it so as to feel the Joy of victory in a full and vivid way.

The more absurd, ridiculous or stricter the actions of your government become, the closer the outcome.

That was the only means of reviving self-respect in people, their dignity and simply instinct of self-preservation that in case of many people has deadened now as a result of every day treatment of their conscience by the mass media.

And I am happy to see that the number of such people is increasing.

Yet, today I would like to talk to you about those who are not able to change since their conscience is covered by the crust of ignorance and obedience so dense that it is within nobody’s depth now to stamp the slavish psychology cherished by reptiloids out of it.

I see, my beloved, how your Soul suffers every time when you see your nearest and dearest falling down in this unequal battle with the personality suppression system established on Earth.

Someone is beaten hollow immediately – with no resistance, some others try to struggle but being cornered by blackmail or menace still retreat and agree to the vaccine fateful to their Soul and body.

Still others cannot believe in the criminal intentions of authorities, while some even do not think about it wishing to bring their usual comfortable life back.

And it hurts me to see that there are so many young people among them who are befuddled with the false values imposed on them that those who seized power on your planet are attacking their immature souls with.

Live sincere human communication has been replaced by mobiles and the internet for them, while books developing creative thinking in one are becoming out of date since there is no time left for them in case of those who are “living” in their “gadgets”.

Your world has changed so swiftly that you have not noticed this appalling substitution, and there has grown an entire generation of people who are not only soulless but ignorant in the sphere of human communication, worldview and self-development.

You have let this violence be done to you because the enemy was invisible to you. They acted in an underhand manner really fast and insidiously.

As a result, a huge layer of your planet’s population has found themselves overboard the Great Transition, and these people cannot be rescued now.

I see that mostly the generation brought up on the great literature who managed to preserve eternal spiritual values in them can perform Transition into a new era.

And I would like you to put up with the fact that not everybody will be able to share the great Joy of the victory over the Dark forces with you, to let go in peace the souls that chose another way having yielded to the tricks and temptations of authorities and having failed to make out what was just so obvious.

Each of you had equal chances, but the experience of Souls was different.

Now the time of learning is coming up to an end.

Each is to take the main exam in spiritual maturity, and somebody else’s hints are out of place this time.

Get concentrated, my dear, on your own “examination card” that your Soul is far from being accident to pull being incarnated on Earth so as to participate in this great and unique experiment that has never been witnessed in the Universe before.

I wish you, my beloved, wisdom, determination and patience, as well as to pass the main exam of your life with distinction!

Affectionately loving you,

Mother of the World spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 3, 2021.

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