LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Balance of Soul and Ego)

life-on-new-earth-balance-of-soul-and-egoGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, our talk about the notion of human psyche is coming up to an end and today I would like to draw some conclusions to it.

I think you have already understood that PSYCHE is, generally speaking, human Soul exposed to the third dimension world conditions.

And it is the way it acts – shows itself – that your harmony in SOUL depends on.

And it is not incidental that both the words have the same root in different languages though.

Spiritual growth of a person also depends on the extent of their Soul’s revival and its ability to guide person’s life.

Psychic health is but harmonious interaction of Soul – Divine part of humans – and their Ego – “earthly” survival tool in the third dimension world.

To reach the balance of the two components is a great skill.

Any distortions in terms of this or that component result in psyche failure and, consequently, in physical diseases.

All the negative energies both generated by one oneself and arriving at one’s energy space from without cause the chain reaction of negative thoughts and emotions that are controlled by human Ego.

And such low vibration energy flows circulation prevents Soul from showing itself and prompting one the right way out.

This way the Ego-related distortion occurs, and one’s psyche becomes “shattered” – falls out of the balanced condition.

Yet, it can be just the opposite case.

For example, when one does not accept the existing reality finding it too hard to bear, unjust, oppressive, one retreats into one’s imaginary world artificially avoiding problems and hardships.

One can take up self-perfection doing spiritual practices, making one’s home far from other people and becoming a solitary.

One’s Soul is happy with such transformation but is sad at the same time, too because this person deprives it of the opportunity to gain invaluable experience of life in the dual world.

Such person’s psyche becomes balanced since they have escaped all social “irritants” and negative energies accompanying their life “in the world”.

Yet, in this case there is a distortion, too Soul-related this time though and in spite of the fact it exists in the energies of high vibrations it “gets bored” without work it has embodied on Earth for.

So, what should be done so as to gain psychic health keeping the balance of Soul and Ego?

Before all, one should realize what one has come to this world for – try to understand what one’s mission, life predestination is.

And then ask your Soul to guide you this direction.

But to make it possible for it to do so, you should learn to maintain yourself at ITS vibration frequency, which means living in accordance with the Laws of the Universe.

And if you manage to live in high vibration energies, not only Soul but your Ego as well will become your faithful assistants helping you find your way in the third dimension world and, consequently, fulfill your mission the best possible manner.

Thus, balanced and concordant interaction between your Divine and earthly facets will bring you psychic health and harmony in soul.

And I bless you for that, my dear!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 16, 2020.

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