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NOTIFICATION Dear visitors, the English version of the website “Renaissance” temporary discontinues publishing new messages. You can read new messages on the Russian version of the website following the link below: We are thankful for your contribution to the life of the energy space of “The Renaissance of Light” and wish you spiritual progress and good luck! Love, faithfully yours, the website’s...


THE WORLD OF ASTRAL (How to neutralize the lower astral beings’ influence)

Greetings, my dear beloved children! Today we will discuss the way you can neutralize the lower astral beings influence on you and the way you can close the channel of their influence on your conscience. First of all, which is the most important, you should learn to recognize the state of being influenced. This is how you can manage that. Try to monitor every single emotion and thought you get, even the transient one. The strict supervision will help to estimate the frequency vibration of any...

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