ASCENSION IN ACTION (Always remain yourself)

ascension-in-action-always-remain-yourselfGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today’s message may have a great meaning for those of you, who have already begun their Service – for those who have devoted all their lives for helping humanity in this crucial period of the Shift from one dimension to another.

And there are quite enough people like that on Earth.

It often seems to you, that such a mission is served only by those who writes books and articles, makes movies and creates TV programs about the Ascension, and especially by those who have their own sites and receives messages from the Higher Powers on this subject.

But in reality, any person who have felt the truth of this information with all his heart, who have accepted it with all his Soul, and who have stepped on the path of Ascension, already SERVES it.

In such a way, dear ones, you create a NEW Egregor of the Earth, which grows bigger and bigger with each awakened person, gradually expelling previous egregors of the world of duality, that accumulated within them all kinds of negative energies, radiated by the people.

And this new Egregor of Ascension is truly your common child, born in love, pure and unconditional, which is Divine Love.

Such common work together is a true prototype of life in 5D, where no division exists between the first and second class people, spiritual or not spiritual, smart and stupid, educated or ignorant; because in the new life there is one and only criteria for evaluating people – their purity of Soul and their uniqueness, special talents and abilities, that they share with all others.

That’s exactly what is happening with those, whom you call the “Lightworkers.”

Each of them works for Ascension in his or her own way, and all of you are united by one goal: to transform the Darkness into Light, which will allow your Earth and her best children to make a Shift.

Therefore, dear ones, never think that someone is better than you, more important, smarter, more spiritual or better educated in the subject of Ascension.

Quite often, a sincere and strong sending of Love to our planet has higher vibrational energy impulse than a dozen of messages, channelled by a person with an open channel for receiving information from subtle planes.

Or for example, the right word said at the right place and the right time could literally save someone from perishing and completely change his life by opening him to such horizons, of which he would not even dare to dream.

Each of you have your own ways and methods of communicating with people. And it is very important to precede precisely in your own way, sensing your strong side, and your special abilities to convey information to others.

But some of you can simply warm up another person with the warmth of your heart and kind smile. And then the soul of another person will thaw and turn towards the Light.

Never attempt to copy someone else, to imitate the manner of communicating from other people, the ways of offering information, trying to do that which is not authentic for you.

Remember, that the most valuable thing you possess is your individuality and uniqueness.

It is truly your most important wealth, and you need to learn how to dispose it skillfully and honorably.

Then each of you will become that Divine particle, which will naturally join the UNIFIED EGREGOR OF ASCENSION, bringing all the richness of your Soul into it.

And I bless you for that!

Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken to you

Channelled by Marta on May 11, 2018

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