middle-east-reapingGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will digress from our topic and talk about the events in progress on Earth now.

As it has been mentioned more than once in my messages, for your planet and the best part of humanity to be able to break completely free from the “captivity” of the third dimensionality at last and having moved to higher dimensions gain the long-awaited peace and quiet, people will have to live through a series of the most challenging trials.

It has been for too long that the Dragon reptiles and those of their ilk have been at the helm of your planet for them to let people take them over voluntarily allowing them to become their own bosses.

It is even more difficult for them to do it now when it seems to them that their goal is almost achieved, for the overwhelming majority of Earth’s population has shown their total invalidity to them having obediently agreed to all their absurd rules that are related to the so-called “pandemic” and the “vaccination” that followed.

It inspired them so much that they have decided to change their programme “marathon” on enslavement of humanity to “sprint running”.

And it has become especially acute for them in terms of the high vibration energies that are pouring down on Earth and ousting out of her surface those whose energies feature a too large vibration gap with them.

This is exactly the reason for another bed of tension to arise – one more bloody “reaping” that they arranged in the Middle East.

The paradox is that just like in Russia and Ukraine conflict two nations are artificially played off one against the other, too, the ones having one and the same root.

In the former case, they are the Slavs and in the latter one they are Semitic nations.

The Dragon reptiles find a fratricidal war especially enjoyable boosting their ego with it.

This is the reason why for centuries there was artificially created and cultivated the hatred of the Arabs and Jews to each other.

For the same purpose there was created an Israel state that has become a source of the unceasing hostility of the Israelis towards their neighbours that brings so much pain and sorrow to common people.

And now it is Israel that has turned into small change in the last agony of the Forces of Dark on Earth since they failed to play the Slavonic “card” according to their scenario.

The cynicism of this situation is in that neither of the parties at war is free in its actions.

These countries’ heads are just obedient marionettes in the hands of their “masters” that they are afraid of much more than of their own nations.

That is why they act to the detriment of their country’s citizens using lies and fraud as a cover that became usual and natural for them long ago.

Behind their nice words and patriotic slogans there is nothing but the desire to remain at the helm and please the “lords of the world” who their own life depends on.

What can be done by common people in such a situation?

First, they should try to understand the essence of the things, not what lies on the surface.

Second, not to yield to the appeals full of hatred and aggression whoever they are initiated by, which leads only to the escalation of military conflicts and even more victims among common people.

And third, to get united so as to strip the criminal ruling top of power and find adequate leaders who think, before all, about the safety and interests of common people.

I understand what tough time are having those who find themselves at the epicenter of the bloody events and especially those who have lost their nearest and dearest.

But believe me, my dear: not a single sacrifice is in vain.

Each person contributes their stroke to the general development on your planet: the grand “canvass” called “Ascension of Earth”.

Many of those who gave their life for the sake of others’ revival are already waiting for you on the new Earth of the Fifth dimension having been liberated of the passions of the third dimension world with their inevitable pain and sorrow.

They feel nice and comfortable, for now they know and see that the dark epoch in the history of Earth is coming up to an end and your planet is heading for the goal swiftly: entrance to the space of the Fifth dimension with the best representatives of her inhabitants – pure and mature human souls.

And I tell you again and again, please, remain patient, wise and calm because it is the only way to speed up the process of Ascension, not being desperate, scared, hating or aggressive at all.

I bless you, my dear, and love you deeply!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 9, 2023.

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